Salvage Art

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Salvage Artists of the world unite. This is a tribe for Salvage Artists, and Dumpster Divers to trade ideas, salvaged art supplies, and stories. From the trash of man an artform is born. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Freeganism survey for grad class  topic
What to do with keys?  topic
FREE: Computer boards for art projects?!  topic
anyone need a bunch of small rusty bits o' metal?  topic
Awesome Web site......  topic
Dumpster diving in New York city  topic
NOLA Gator  photo flag
a Barbie line of makeup?!  review
The Tea house  photo flag
A Metal window frame used for a sliding door an...  photo flag
Santa Maria Della Grazie  photo flag
construction ASSistance  topic
Paper Tree ver. 2.0  topic
Lighting  topic
Toy Art Show looking for art submissions and pe...  topic
Conspiracy History compilation DVDs torrents  topic
Picture 2.png  photo flag
Whale Skeleton Update 2.0 Go and see it, it's b...  topic
Whale Skeleton BM07  photo flag
PUNK ROCK CABARET... and maybe a Salvage Art Sh...  topic
Recycled art Whale Skeletion BM 07 actually go...  topic
new freegan Tribe forming  topic
sol flor  photo flag
HAL's Heart Lit  photo flag
HAL's Heart Unlit  photo flag

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